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Counseling & Therapy

Monica A. Nicoll, Ph.D.

We all deserve the best life possible. Over the course of our lives, we each develop a personal style of perceiving ourselves and others along which lead to habitual behavioral patterns, i.e. our unique personality style. Often, we do not consciously realize our habitual thoughts and behavioral patterns, our ‘fallback' relationship styles.

In order to lead resilient, emotionally intelligent, and physically healthy lives however, it is important to “Know Thyself” (Socrates) completely. Counseling & Therapy at RCTC is a place for you to gain a fuller and healthier understanding of yourself and your relationships. It's all about you, your marriage, your family as you learn to create your best life.

Inside each of us, there is an inner voice that speaks to how we would like things to be. It takes time to learn to listen to that inner voice, to identify what we need, and to eliminate self-defeating, self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors. At RCTC , you will be assisted in developing a positive, fulfilling direction in your life. In addition, you will learn not only the skills needed to realize this best life, but also skills for overcoming the inevitable obstacles, adversities, stressors, and setbacks in life. You will learn to understand your needs, to listen to your inner voice and to develop your envisioned best life, for yourself, your partner and your family.

In the process of therapy, we will take time for learning, grieving, healing, repairing and acknowledging what it is that you need or desire. In therapy, habitual patterns and schemas are examined and new, emotionally intelligent, resilient choices are learned. Our goal is to foster personal and relational resilience so that you may bring about the life that your inner voice is urging you to find!

Areas of Specialization:

Individual Counseling & Psychotherapy
Learn to increase your personal resilience quotient (RQ) and more effectively handle adversity, setbacks and difficulties in your life such as:

Mood/Emotional Issues  -  Adjustment issues  -  Stress management  -  Eating disorders
Substance Abuse  -  Grief and Loss  -  Anger Management  -  Employment/work related concerns
Wellness evaluation & whole life balance and well being

Family Counseling
Learn to further develop and increase both your ‘Child's RQ' and your ‘Parental RQ' so as to create the family life you always envisioned.

Child & Adolescent Problems - Conflict Resolution - School Related issues - Emotional Self-Regulation
(children, adolescents & adults) - Divorce healing - Blended Family Issues - Effective parenting skills
Post-Divorce Conflict Resolution & Co-Parenting Issues.

Marriage Counseling
Learn to create a resilient, emotionally intelligent marital relationship by enhancing your understanding of Yourself, your Spouse & your Relationship.

Couples Counseling & Therapy  -  Creating and Sustaining Intimacy
Conflict Resolution & Relationship Repair - Sexuality Issues - Divorce Counseling

Intensive, 2-3 Day Resilience Focused Sessions

Some people find their personal and professional lives are so full that weekly one-hour sessions are either: 1.) difficult to schedule consistently or, 2.) too spread out to effectively realize positive results. Others are simply located at too great a distance from our RCTC offices. Sporadic counseling sessions and the fast pace of our lives can make it all too easy, and all too likely, for us to just slip right back into the same old patterns of behaving, thinking, and relating that only maintain the problem.

At RCTC, we offer a highly effective solution! Our “Intensive Resilience Focused Sessions provide a unique and powerful personal and/or relationship growth experience for individuals, couples, or families. This involves putting your life ‘on hold' for a few days and working with two highly experienced mental health professionals over a 2-3 day period of time. Each day involves two X 2-hour counseling/coaching sessions with specific “homework” tasks assigned between sessions. This enables you to spend several days intensively focused on resolving personal, marital, and/or family concerns and building resilience and fulfillment into your life!

Lodging Accommodations: Are arranged at a beautiful old, New England Inn located next to our RCTC office. Weekday or Weekend sessions can be scheduled. Get away to this beautiful, 4 -season New England resort community and focus on building the personal, marital or family life you seek while also experiencing healthy, outdoor relationship building activities such as skiing, canoeing/kayaking, hiking, foliage viewing, swimming, skating, snowshoeing, horseback riding, etc..

Distance Counseling Services
Distance Counseling via Skype:   For clients living too great a distance from our offices, we now offer online video sessions via Skype. Clients can schedule appointments from anywhere around the world. Contact the RCTC office to arrange individual, couples or family counseling/therapy or a parent consultation session.