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Internationally Mobile Clients

The internationally mobile, expatriate lifestyle offers a fascinating, empowering life experience. But, it also involves many unique stressors and challenges that can adversely impact your personal wellbeing, marital relationship, or children's social & academic adjustment. Isolated from the former social and professional supports in your home country, it can sometimes feel overwhelming.

RCTC provides the professional counseling & coaching support services needed to enable you to be resilient in navigating through these stressful transitions as well as empower you to maximize the life-changing, life-enriching experience of an internationally mobile, expatriate lifestyle.

RCTC Provides Expat:

Personal Counseling or Coaching
[for Adults & Adolescents]

    Parent Coaching
    [parent/child & school adjustment concerns]

Marital/Couples Counseling
[resolving transition issues & rebuilding intimacy/support]

Bill & Monica have provided counseling & coaching services to clients throughout North, South & Central America, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

We have personally experienced the international transition process and expat life experience. Let our combined personal & professional experience assist you to adjust to and optimize your international life experience.


Live Video via
Skype or VSee platforms

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