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Personal Coaching

William G. Nicoll, Ph.D.

Personal coaching, (aka: Life coaching) is for those who seek to better understand themselves, and their behavioral/emotional patterns so as to improve their overall personal, familial and professional lives. While counseling and therapy focus on emotional and relational healing, coaching is an education based process focused on promoting optimal personal growth and well-being. Clients may feel stuck, blocked or engaged in self-sabotaging patterns that undermine achieving personal happiness, professional goals or family and intimate relationships.

Resilience-Focused Personal Coaching helps you to gain a fuller and more complete understanding of yourself and to clarify your envisioned ‘best life', your personal goals and aspirations. Personal coaching further assists you in identifying what is blocking you from realizing your personal life goals; you learn to identify self-sabotaging patterns of thinking and behaving, and the misinformation, myths or lack of information or skills that keeps you “stuck and spinning your wheels” in life rather than growing and moving forward. You will acquire the knowledge and skills for breaking these patterns as well as acquire the knowledge and life skills necessary for putting your life plan into action and realizing your personal, relational and professional ‘Best Life”.

How Does Personal Coaching Work?
Personal coaching sessions can be scheduled either:
1) In our North Conway Village offices or
2) Via Skype sessions for those living anywhere around in the world

  • Contact our offices to schedule your first 45 minute appointment online or in-person.
  • Coaching sessions are then schedule for 30 minute weekly or bi-weekly sessions as you work on achieving your goals.
  • Throughout the coaching process, you will regularly be provided information and materials via email to further facilitate
    self-understanding, develop your life skills, and promote personal well-being as you increase your personal
    “Resilience Quotient (RQ)”.l.
  • Payment is made at the start of each session (cash, check or credit card). . Or, you can arrange for a reduced pre-payment plan of five sessions scheduled as you need them to achieve your personal, relational or professional goals.

To schedule your Personal Coaching session:
Call Dr. Bill Nicoll at (603) 730-5467 or Email