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RQ Enhancement Retreats

For Individuals or Couples

Success is more determined by our ‘ RQ' ( Resilience Quotient) than any other factor. Indeed research shows that one's RQ predicts life success 70% better than does IQ. Learn to develop a more fulfilling, productive and joyful life; learn to enhance and transform your personal or marital life by raising your RQ!

Our RQ Enhancement Retreats are unique 2-1/2-day experiences designed to assist you in identifying your personal, “Best Life” and getting you on track toward realizing your dreams and goals. You will learn to identify those self-sabotaging traps, pitfalls, foibles and habitual patterns by which you undermine your own success and relationships. Most importantly, you will learn the practical, social-emotional competencies and resilience strategies that enable you to bounce back from adversity or conflict and get back “on track” to realizing your “Best Life”.

Marital RQ Enhancement Retreats:

Every couple must navigate through several developmental stages in their marriage. Each stage brings new challenges, obstacles and stressors requiring us to adapt and make transitions. Learn to navigate your way thru these transitions so as to realize, and maintain, the relationship you envisioned at the outset with genuine intimacy and commitment to one another. This is not an easy task! And none of us head out on the sea of matrimony with the knowledge and skills required to stay on course.

In the Marital RQ Enhancement Retreat, you and your partner will learn to:

  • Better understand both yourself and one another,
  • Better understand the destructive patterns, traps and pitfalls encountered by couples as they navigate through the normal stages of personal and relational development,
  • Increase the emotional intimacy in your relationship,
  • Develop skills for resolving relationship ruptures,
  • Create the marriage relationship you both seek

Enrollment is limited at each 2-1/2-day retreat so as to enable a combination of experiences including informative group Marital RQ Workshop sessions, individual couples coaching sessions with Monica and Bill together, and to spend private couples time engaging in RQ enhancing.

ACCOMMODATIONS: For all RCTC Retreats, special lodging arrangements are provided in a beautiful old New England Inn and time made available to learn to play together and increase the joy in your relationship in the beautiful New England four-season resort village of North Conway.

Personal RQ Enhancement Retreats:

Our RCTC Personal RQ Enhancement Retreats are designed for individuals seeking to transform their lives, fulfill their potential, and get ‘on-track' to realizing their Best Life! Let us help you “Put Together the Pieces of your Life” so you can increase self-understanding, and learn to increase your RQ. Personal RQ Enhancement Retreats are for a variety of individual life situations including those who:

  • Feel “stuck in a rut” going through the same unfulfilling patterns in life but unable to find a path to renewal and personal enrichment.
  • Feel their personal counseling/therapy has stalled, or reached a plateau, and seek an infusion of new energy and empowerment to break through to a new level of personal growth.
  • Seek to “Put the Pieces Together” and come to “Know Thyself” more fully so as to then set a positive, productive and fulfilling direction to their lives and be equipped to handle setbacks, adversity and obstacles encountered in stride.

Enrollment is limited at each 2-1/2 day retreat so that you can engage in not only group workshop experiences but also in scheduled individual resilience-focused counseling/coaching sessions with both Monica and Bill together working with you to assist you in “putting the pieces together” for personal growth and resilience.