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Resilience Counseling & Training Center
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RQ Enhancement Retreats

For Individuals or Couples

Success is more determined by our ‘ RQ' ( Resilience Quotient) than any other factor. Indeed research shows that one's RQ predicts life success 70% better than does IQ. Learn to develop a more fulfilling, productive and joyful life; learn to enhance and transform your personal or marital life by raising your RQ!

Our RQ Enhancement Retreats are unique 2-1/2-day experiences designed to assist you in identifying your personal, “Best Life” and getting you on track toward realizing your dreams and goals. You will learn to identify those self-sabotaging traps, pitfalls, foibles and habitual patterns by which you undermine your own success and relationships. Most importantly, you will learn the practical, social-emotional competencies and resilience strategies that enable you to bounce back from adversity or conflict and get back “on track” to realizing your “Best Life”.

ACCOMMODATIONS: For all RCTC Retreats, special lodging arrangements are provided in a beautiful old New England Inn and time made available to learn to play together and increase the joy in your relationship in the beautiful New England four-season resort village of North Conway.

Personal RQ Enhancement Retreats:

Our RCTC Personal RQ Enhancement Retreats are designed for individuals seeking to transform their lives, fulfill their potential, and get ‘on-track' to realizing their Best Life! Let us help you “Put Together the Pieces of your Life” so you can increase self-understanding, and learn to increase your RQ. Personal RQ Enhancement Retreats are for a variety of individual life situations including those who:

  • Feel “stuck in a rut” going through the same unfulfilling patterns in life but unable to find a path to renewal and personal enrichment.
  • Feel their personal counseling/therapy has stalled, or reached a plateau, and seek an infusion of new energy and empowerment to break through to a new level of personal growth.
  • Seek to “Put the Pieces Together” and come to “Know Thyself” more fully so as to then set a positive, productive and fulfilling direction to their lives and be equipped to handle setbacks, adversity and obstacles encountered in stride.

Enrollment is limited at each 2-1/2 day retreat so that you can engage in not only group workshop experiences but also in scheduled individual resilience-focused counseling/coaching sessions with both Monica and Bill together working with you to assist you in “putting the pieces together” for personal growth and resilience.