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Resilience Counseling & Training Center
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Professional Development & Consulting Services

For over 35 years, RCTC has provided high quality and practical consulting and professional development staff training services to a variety of organizations and agencies throughout North America, South & Central America, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa and Asia. Our clients have included public, private and international schools, mental health agencies, professional organizations, universities, parent groups, churches, and businesses.

Schools & Education Professionals
RCTC provides professional development training specifically designed to meet your school and teaching staff needs. Our primary focus is on issues related to social-emotional learning, developing positive school cultures and classroom climate, bullying prevention, home-school collaboration, parent-teacher conferencing skills, and resilience focused classroom behavior management. All RCTC training programs and workshops include the development of a staff training manual specifically tailored to address your school's specific improvement goals and in a manner appropriate for your unique student population.

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Mental Health Professionals
RCTC provides professional development training for counselors, social workers, and psychologists interested in learning a resilience-focused and competency promoting approach to case conceptualization and intervention. The Resilience-Focused Counseling model assesses client issues from a developmental (not biomedical) perspective and then seeks to improve client overall wellbeing and social-emotional competence. The resilience focused approach is an optimistic, developmental, and wellness promoting approach that offers an alternative to the psychopathology based, symptom control focused based models that dominate the field today.

Drs. William G. & Monica A. Nicoll developed the Resilience-Focused Counseling & Therapy approach to working with both individuals and couples as well as with families presenting with child/adolescent issues. They have provided staff training for mental health professionals, agencies, universities, and professional organizations worldwide.

Workshops Include:
• Resilience-Focused Brief Counseling & Therapy
• Resilience-Focused Brief Family Counseling
• Resilience-Focused Brief Couples Counseling & Therapy
• Transcending the DSM: Toward a Resilience-based, paradigm in mental health
•  Resilience-Focused Interventions with School Related Problems

Speaker Services for:
Parents, Churches, & Community Organizations
RCTC is available for speaking engagements regarding a variety of issues including:
•  Raising Your Child's RQ (Resilience Quotient)
•  Raising your Parenting RQ (Resilience Quotient)
•  Developing our Marital RQ

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Comments from Past RCTC Presentations:

  • “I have attended many continuing education programs before; this one ranks as the best!”
  • “Revolutionary information that changes the way I view my profession”
  • “Amazing presentation! Provocative and engaging…thank you for talking about the ‘elephant' in the room”
  • “Dr. Nicoll is the most knowledgeable presenter I've seen in years.”
  • “Dr. Nicoll challenges the audience to rethink our current practices and assumptions”
  • “Very knowledgeable speaker & humorous approach to sharing a lot of content, so interesting!”
  • “The finest teacher I've had in 18 years of higher education and through two masters programs”
  • “One of the best speakers I've ever attended… inspirational!”
  • “Excellent, very inspiring! I wish everyone could hear you.”
  • “Dynamic presentation style as well as pertinent content.”
  • “Dr. Nicoll combines interesting lectures with excellent demonstrations of the skill. He provides an excellent role model in doing what he teaches so effectively.”
  • “The presenter's style was wonderful, of course, but the content of his presentation stands alone”
  • “Most valuable and practical workshop I have taken in fifteen years of study”

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