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Monica A. Nicoll, Ph.D.

We all deserve to live the best life possible. This important life journey toward achieving a fulfilling, resilient, emotionally intelligent, and physically healthy life begins with truly “ Knowing Thyself ”, completely and honestly.

Counseling/Therapy provides an opportunity for you to experience a supportive environment in which you will be assisted in gaining a fuller and healthier understanding of yourself, your relationships, and your life goals, both career & personal. You will learn to understand and reflect upon the “puzzle pieces” that make up your life and then work toward revising and reorganizing these pieces so as to create your personal best, most fulfilling life.

You will learn to:

  • Listen to your inner voice and identify what you truly want and deserve in life
  • Develop the skills for realizing your ‘best life” and “best relationships”
  • Overcome the inevitable obstacles, adversities, stressors and setbacks of life
  • Eliminate habitual self-defeating, self-sabotaging, self-limiting thoughts and behaviors impeding the path to your ‘best life'.



Live Video Sessions Arranged
on Skype or VSee Platforms

[Languages Spoken: English & German]

•  Individual Counseling/Therapy:

Increase your personal resilience and learn strategies for more effectively handling personal pain, adversity, setbacks and losses in your life:

Mood & Stress Issues – Navigating thru Change & Adjustment Issues – Stress
Eating Disorders - Grief & Loss – Substance Abuse – Career & whole life balance

•  Family Counseling/Therapy:

Learn how to foster resilience and social wellbeing in your child/adolescent, yourself and in your family life:

Child & Adolescent problems – School Related Issues – Divorce Healing
Co-Parenting Issues - Blended Family Issues – Effective Parenting Skills

•  Marital/Couples Counseling :

Enhance your understanding of Yourself, Your Spouse/Partner, and Your Relationship so as to create a resilient, emotionally intelligent so as to resolved conflicts and together create a more fulfilling relationship.

Creating & Sustaining Intimacy – Conflict Resolution & Relationship Repair
Sexuality Issues – Divorce Counseling

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2 & 3 Day
‘Intensive Personal & Couples Enrichment Weekends'

Sessions held at our North Conway, NH location with nearby lodging & recreation options available. Gift yourself a weekend devoted to
Renewal, Growth & Revitalization! 

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