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Parent Education & Coaching

Raising a responsible, cooperative, self-confident and productive child is at once both the most important and the most difficult task you will encounter. Yet parents are left to undertake this task with absolutely no training whatsoever! The problem is only then compounded when parents find themselves inundated with contradictory ideas, myths, and theories on child rearing.

At RCTC, we bring over five (5) decades of experience as educators, researchers, child/adolescent & family counselors, and university professors to providing parents with the knowledge and skills necessary for raising responsible, capable and resilient kids! Our work is based solidly in the most up to date research on children, families and schools.

Most parent/child difficulties stem not from mysterious disorders, disabilities or dysfunctions, but rather from misinformation or insufficient knowledge and skills for addressing the typical conflicts, stressors and issues of raising children and adolescents.

Parent Education: ‘Raising Resilient Kids': RCTC offers small group, “Raising Resilient Kids” Parent Education programs. In these small group sessions, you will learn to create a positive home environment and develop your child's positive, social-emotional competencies as well as to handle behavioral issues more effectively.

Contact RCTC to join a ‘Raising Resilient Kids' parent group or to arrange for bringing the program to your school, business, organization, church, or community group..

Parent Coaching: 'Raising your Parenting RQ': Parents seeking more intensive and personalized assistance can arrange for a series of parent coaching sessions. can be arranged. In these sessions, Dr. Bill Nicoll will work with you to identify and resolve the. You will receive practical, straightforward information and skills addressing your specific concerns to get you and your children “back on track” to a happier and more satisfying family life.

Speaking Engagements:
Need a speaker to address positive strategies for developing a positive home environment and raising capable, responsible and resilient kids? RCTC can provide speaking services on topics related to children, families, and marriage issues

Sample Topics include:

• Who is this child calling me Mom/Dad? Understanding child development and behavior
• Discipline? Handling misbehavior effectively & positively.
• Raising your Marital ‘RQ' : Developing a fulfilling & emotionally intelligent relationship
• Raising your Child's ‘RQ': Developing resilience and social-emotional competence in kids
• Helping your Child Succeed in School: What every parent needs to know but nobody tells you..
• Third Culture Kids/Global Nomad Families: Navigating cultural transitions and changes.

Contact RCTC for further information