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William G. Nicoll, Ph.D.
Coaching is an educational based service whereby an experienced and knowledgeable professional (i.e., coach) provides you with the information, social-emotional competencies/skills, guidance, and support needed to successfully achieve your personal, professional, and relational goals.

Personal Coaching, Parent/Family Coaching

Couples/Marital Coaching

You will learn:

  • Learn to better understand yourself: your strengths and your self-limiting behavioral/emotional patterns.

  • Improve your ability to successfully navigate through the changes and transitions in your life.

  • Learn to improve your resilience and motivation so as to realize your full potential as an individual, as a spouse/partner, and/or as a parent.
  • Develop your skills for more effective parenting and achieving a fulfilling family life.
  • Learn to better understand your intimate/marital relationship and skills for achieving a more fulfilling life together.

  • Periodically receive materials to facilitate your growth and progress in the coaching process.


Live video connection
via Skype or VSee Platforms


The initial coaching session is for 30 minutes to explore your goals and determine the goodness of fit between coach and client.

Subsequent coaching appointments are scheduled for 30 or 60 minute sessions depending upon preference of the client.

The fee for services is $100 (USD) per hour ($50 for ½ hour session) payable via credit card or bank transfer payable at the initial coaching session. Clients subscribe for a package of 3 to 5 coaching sessions scheduled according to your preference. Adjustments are made to accommodate time zone differences.

Contact RCTC to schedule your initial appointment

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