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Internationally Mobile Clients


(In downloadable pdf format)

Resilience and the Internationally Mobile Family:
Navigating Changes and Transitions by William G. Nicoll, Ph.D. & Peggy Pelonis, Ed.D.

A practical resource for internationally mobile parents and international school educators. Practical, concrete strategies for navigating through the international transition process and realizing a positive, life-changing, life-enriching experience.

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Books, DVD's, Pamphlets & Manuals & Materials

For Schools:
Developing Resilient Youth: Classroom activities for social-emotional learning
By: William G. Nicoll, Ph.D. (2011)
“Fifty classroom guidance lessons for teaching the five essential social-emotional competencies of resilience.
Each lesson includes follow-up activities for parent involvement and for teachers to link lessons to the
academic curriculum."

Price: $13.95 plus &4.95 S&H
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For Mental Health Professionals:
Brief Adlerian Therapy with an Individual and a Family. 
A DVD demonstration of a Brief therapy session with a Family
By Oscar C. Christensen, Ed.D. & William G. Nicoll, Ph.D.  (2000).
Price:  $14.95 plus $4.95 S&H

For Parents, Families & Couples:


Key to Chivalry by Monica A. Nicoll, Ph.D.

A children's fairy tale that helps develop a child's social-emotional intelligence emphasizing the power of positive thinking, perseverance, & self-confidence. Also includes practical teaching ideas in Social-Emotional Learning for parents and teachers.

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Free Download Key to Chivalry Parents Workbook (pdf)

Key to Calm   by Monica A. Nicoll, Ph.D.
“A children's fairy tale to develop a child's emotional intelligence
emphasizing emotional self-regulation and self-calming skills.
Includes parenting tips for creating a calm, supportive home environment.

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FREE Manuscripts & Article (In downloadable pdf format)

For Educators

WORKSHOP : "Winning Over Challenging Students: A Trauma-sensitive/Resilience-based Approach" (pdf)

Resilience-focused family counseling and consultation: Applications with school related problems. (pdf)

A Resilience-Focused Conceptual Framework for Working with School-Related Problems. (pdf)

Developing Capable Youth: Guidance in educational settings. (pdf)

RAISING STUDENT RQ'S: A classroom based approach. (pdf)

Nicoll, W. G. (2014). Developing transformative schools: A resilience-focused paradigm for educators.
The International Journal of Emotional Education, 6(1), pp 47-65. (pdf)

Nicoll, W.G. (2002). Working with families: A rationale for school counseling programs. In L. Miller (Ed.).
Practical approaches for school counselors: Integrating family counseling in school settings.

Alexandria, VA: American Counseling Association

For Counselors & other Mental Health Professionals
Adler's Individual Psychology: 
My journey/ My perspective/ My concerns/ My hopes (pdf)
William G. Nicoll

The Evolution of Adler's Individual Psychology:
Toward a transcultural framework for councelling practice (pdf)
William G. Nicol Ph.D (2018)
Monica A. Nicol Ph.D. (2018)

Nicoll, W.G. (1999). Brief therapy strategies and techniques. In, R. Watts & J. Carlson (Eds.)
Interventions and strategies in counseling & psychotherapy: An integrative approach.
Minneapolis, MN: Accelerated Development/Taylor & Francis Press, pp 15-29.

Reflections on the Failure of Substance Abuse/Addictions Programs: Are we "Tilting at Windmills"?
William G. Nicoll, Ph.D. (pdf)

For Parents
Sabotaging your child's school experience.
William G. Nicoll, Ph.D. (pdf)

Maximizing your child's school experience.
William G. Nicoll, Ph.D. (pdf)

Bullying: What works, what doesn't.
William G. Nicoll, Ph.D. (pdf)

A Social Vaccine for Children: Resilience.
William G. Nicoll, Ph.D. (pdf)


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